We’re All In This Together

As a community bank and company, we have a responsibility to do our part to help all individuals, businesses and our communities persevere during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

We acknowledge the uncertainty that many feel in this moment, not only as individuals but as a collective community. When we come together to face the unknown, we encourage hope, kindness and compassion over fear. We elevate important topics that affect all of us, our employees, customers and stakeholders. We bring communities together because when we lean into this moment, we lead and move forward.

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While we are only beginning to discover how these changes may impact our economy, businesses, friends, family and loved ones over the short and long-term, Berkshire is taking the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of the virus and ensure we are doing right by our community, just as we always have for more than 170 years. We’re confident in our ability to evolve and adapt to the ever changing situation and will always make decisions in a manner that aligns with our Be FIRST values, commitment and promise to purpose driven performance.

This pandemic has only further highlighted the economic, racial and geographic disparities that exist within our own footprint and country. Sectors such as travel and tourism, hotels, restaurants, retailers and other small businesses and their employees along with rural communities who lack adequate high speed internet and health access will likely be disproportionately affected. Our non-profit and community partners working to provide basic needs will see a strain on their resources requiring the public and private sector to step-up in a bigger way.

As this situation evolves, we will continue to evaluate and monitor what we can do as Berkshire Bank to minimize the impact on all our stakeholders. To that end, we’re sharing the following comprehensive efforts we’ve put into place given the unpredictable nature of COVID-19 to prevent its spread, to assist those affected and continue to build community:



Announcing customer assistance programs including:

Retail Banking, Consumer Loan & Mortgage Customers:

Small Business Customers:


We stand ready to help all of our stakeholders and will continue to announce additional details of our plans in collaboration with local partners in the days and weeks ahead. While we are in unprecedented times that will test our collective conscious, I’m confident that as we come together, as a community, we will not only withstand these challenges but persevere and discover a renewed sense of resiliency in the process.

Be Kind. Be Calm. Be Smart. Be Well.


Gary R. Levante
SVP, Corporate Responsibility & Culture (He, Him, His)

Pictured: Gwendolyn Vansant of BRIDGE & Gary Levante


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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Our purpose is to financially empower our communities, reduce the wealth gap and help all individuals realize life’s exciting moments. With our Be FIRST values and Commitment at the core of our work, our Corporate Responsibility program helps us fulfill that purpose. We believe that a socially responsible and sustainable business more effectively mitigates risk, provides employees with a culture of belonging, drives higher returns for shareholders, and provides additional resources for the community. We invite you to learn more about our efforts to transform our business and communities and look forward to continuing our work together.