The Essential: Louis Silva

Employee Spotlight

As a company in the last few months we have come to more deeply understand the word essential.

We value all of our employees for the work that we do to keep our customers & communities safe and economical afloat.

Over the course of the next few months, we will be highlighting folks who have been nominated by our teams for their work and dedication to the wellness and well being of our customers and colleagues. Those who recognize that all human beings and all work is essential to maintaining a strong and aligned community.

This week we are celebrating Louis Silva.

What is your role here at Berkshire Bank?

Branch Supervisor

How do you define an essential employee? What is the most important part of the role?

Someone who works diligently through times of hardship. Providing consistent high quality customer service in these uncertain times.

What roles and/or tasks do you enjoy most about your position?

I greatly enjoy working with all the different people I see day to day. The relationships I’ve built while in my position are what I enjoy the most.

What is the most important lesson you were taught about money? Who taught this to you?

“Every Penny Counts!” My grandfather taught me this when I was young and it’s stuck with my ever since.

Being an essential worker definitely had its good and bad times. Can you recall a moment or customer experience that made you feel proud to be an EW?

I had a customer come through the drive up right when the lobbies first closed. We was distressed because he wasn’t used to doing his banking in the drive through and was worried about how he would be able to access his money. We had a great conversation about other avenues of banking, (Online, ITM, Etc,) and by the end he thanked me for making him aware of these options and seemed a lot less apprehensive about the whole situation. I am proud to have made his banking experience at least a little bit less stressful during these challenging times.

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