Spotlight Series: Main Street Advisory, LLC.

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3 min readFeb 25, 2020

This month & throughout the rest of our days, we are highlighting Black Entrepreneurs & Leaders in our Berkshire Bank community!

Today we are celebrating Phillip D. Woolfolk, Managing Principal & Profitability Advisor

Name of Company… Main Street Advisory, LLC

A bit more about our company

Main Street Advisory was founded in May of 2015.

We recognize, in today’s economy, the profit margin of many companies is being squeezed by operating expenses and taxes. We mitigate those obstacles, through our mission, which is simply to help improve profitability through expense reduction, cost recovery, tax incentives, lead generation, business development, sales, and marketing strategies.

The key products that allow us to achieve our mission include:

Accelerated depreciation of Commercial Real Estate, Hiring Incentives, Property Tax Credits, Research & Development Credits; Accounts Payable/Virtual Payment Card, Employee Healthcare Audit, Freight & Shipping, Hourly Worker Same Day Pay, Copier & Printer Lease Analysis, Credit Card Procession Analysis, Parcel Audit, Waste & Recycle, Analysis, Wireless, and Workers Comp Analysis, Revenue Generation Review.

We recently worked with a company and uncovered a benefit in the area of Research and Development Credits, which the company had not realized they qualified for. It not only saved the company significantly on their tax liability but it also uncovered other opportunities, that were mutually beneficial for both our companies. It really resonated with me because of the win/win that was created.

I believe one of the biggest ways we positively impact the community is through our ability to help a company maintain and grow its success. This directly impacts the lives of not only the employees of those companies but also drives the economy and allows more people to have the resources to support the community-based organizations important to them, which better serves us all.

Main Street Advisory and I are looking forward to many more successes in 2021. For example, I serve on the Board and Advisory Boards of several companies, each of which is expanding its ability to serve more customers and clients in their various markets and I look forward to providing as much advice and counsel as possible to participate in their success and in turn build greater value for my company, in the process, as well. I’m also looking forward to finishing the book I’m working on covering my reflections on faith, business, and purpose, which I believe will add valuable insights to my clients and others.

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