PRIDE 2020: Jeremy Bond

Employee Spotlight : VP, Relationship Manager — MyBanker

The pride employee resource group is a safe space for LGBTQIA+ employees and their allies. The goal of this ERG is to support LGBTQIA+ employees, their families and communities by suggesting programming, reviewing corporate communication efforts, elevating important topics to management and organizing celebratory events. We understand this is a broad definition and encourage specific LGBTQIA+ ERGs to be organized out of this group.

We asked the members of the PRIDE ERG on how they choose to recognize and celebrate PRIDE.

Today we celebrate PRIDE by celebrating Jeremy Bond.

What does Pride mean to you?

Pride means more to me every year that goes by. I’ve come to realize that there is nothing that this community has been given that we didn’t have to fight for. Coming into June every year I think back to all of those moments. It gives me a time to celebrate the victories, face the challenges, and remember the things that bring us closer together.

Tell us about a moment in PRIDE History that resonates most with you.

Hands down the day the Marriage Equality Act was passed in NY. I had just moved to Albany the prior year and had started experiencing life in a city with a visible community. I remember the moment it passed and how overcome with emotion we all were. We celebrated, we cried, and watched people who thought they’d never be able to marry propose in the moment. It’s a day I will never forget.

How do you feel PRIDE will impact and lead us all into the future?

It leads us to the future by reminding us of the past. Everything we’ve fought for, suffered, gained, and lost is relived through pride. It’s easy to take some things for granted day to day, but pride makes sure that we don’t and that we keep pushing forward together.

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