Power of Women: Sara Demonstranti

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2 min readMar 22, 2020

March honors Women’s History Month and we are excited to highlight all of the dynamic women in our Power of Women Employee Resource Group to draw attention to the deliberate action that we are taking as a group & as an institution to empower & uplift the women in our community. Our goal is to be leaders & mentors at Berkshire Bank, and to also model a system of uplift & support for our entire Berkshire Bank community & the banking world at large.

Today we are celebrating Sara Demonstranti, Universal FSR

How do you define a leader?

I define a leader as someone who I look up to and is easy to communicate with. Someone who is not afraid to admit their mistakes and how they corrected them. Someone who is in charge, open minded, and looks to their team for support.

Who is your “Shero” one of the biggest influencers/mentor in your life and career? Why?

My biggest influencer is my mother. She was a widow- my father passed away when I was 3 years old and brought up three daughters on her own. As life has ups and downs, she was devoted and persevered through. She is my inspiration, the most selfless person I know, and supportive.

Can you recall a defining moment when you were mentored by your Shero or another woman? What did that experience teach you?

I can recall many defining moments that were mentored by my mother. The most important one taught me if you are going through a hard time- it will not last, do not ever, EVER give up, and there is always someone worse off than you so always be blessed and grateful.

How do you celebrate the women in your life?

I celebrate the woman in my life everyday by always making sure they know I appreciate them. Sometimes it could be as simple as a I love you/thank you text, treating them to the rock salt spa, or taking my sisters on a date!

Where do you find your power?

I find my power in my mother, my daughter, and my 2 sisters.

The Power of Women (POW) employee resource group is a safe space for all people who identify as female and their allies. The goal of this ERG is to support women in the workplace by suggesting programming including mentoring and coaching, reviewing corporate communication efforts, elevating important topics to management and organizing celebratory events.



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