One Year Anniversary

Our Be First Values

This week marks the one year anniversary of the launch of our Be First Values at the Museum of African American History African Meeting House.

The Video is a memory of last year’s launch as we were all welcomed into space by Valerie Stephens Bostonian, Artist, Nina Simone music specialist, &UMass-Amherst graduate.

“Growing up in Boston and coming in this place, we were always even as children were taught, this is a foundation for which you stand on. This is where people had hope and faith and a true believing in what the future could bring to our city and to us…”

Valerie Stephens

We are both grateful and excited to continue to share and celebrate our intentional work of closing the economic gap within the country by focusing on a culture of diversity, inclusion, service, and teamwork.

We believe…

Belonging fosters an environment where all relationships matter

  • Promote a culture of self-awareness, empathy and collaboration
  • Embrace and appreciate perspectives to enhance our work environment
  • Champion ongoing open communication

Focusing on a positive attitude and everything else will follow

  • Adopt a solution-orientated mindset, look at all opportunities and obstacles with a balanced perspective
  • Make the best of every situation
  • Be curious and embrace learning

Inclusion invites openness and builds belonging

  • Encourage diverse perspectives and be open to challenging the status quo
  • Solicit feedback and take into consideration all points of view
  • Ensure that everyone has the opportunity to be heard

Respect cultivates an unyielding commitment to integrity and responsibility

  • Exhibit respect for the opinions and ideas of others, actively listen and ask thoughtful questions
  • Demonstrate a commitment to the success and well-being of others
  • Take actions that represent our culture and are consistent with our values, ethical standards and policies

Service quality should be delivered regardless of income or wealth

  • Deliver the highest level of service to all individuals
  • Advocate for your colleagues and customers, respond in a timely manner and work diligently to provide solutions
  • Foster sustainable communities by actively participating in company initiatives

Teamwork empowers collaboration and cooperation

  • Work effectively with others across the organization to strengthen relationships and build consensus
  • Share knowledge and information to empower others
  • Bridge cultural diversity and be conscious of how your work affects others

Learn more about our values and our community.

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