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My Banker: Jeremy Bond

VP, Relationship Manager : Capital Region — NY

Specialty in Service: Medical Professionals

We want to introduce all of you to our MyBanker Team!

Today, we are celebrating Jeremy Bond

What was your first job? What did you love most about it?

When I turned 17. I got a job with family as a server for a catering company in Saratoga. I met the most amazing people at the events we had. I met famous actors, musicians, and successful businesses. It showed me a life I didn’t know existed and pushed me to work harder.

What is the most important and positive piece of advice you have been given about money? Who gave it to you?

“Pay yourself first!” My grandfather always reminded us no matter what money came in, to put a piece of it aside for ourselves first.

How do you balance your own personal budget? What are the most important steps? Why?

Outside of the obvious things to budget for (mortgage/car/routine expenses) I do budget for fun! I love to travel, and do the random things that come up in life. Having it as a budgeted expense allows me to say yes more and feel guilty about it less.

What do you love most about being a MyBanker? Why?

This is hands down the most unique way I have ever worked with clients. My primary job is to work with my clients and support them and their needs. The most rewarding part of that is when a client makes you their first call when any need arises. It’s an amazing feeling to truly be a trusted advisor.

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Your brand new MyBankers work to create paths to financial freedom by:

  • Planning realistically based on community need
  • Mapping our journey so we can see every step needed to reach customer and community goals
  • Ensuring that the our customer and community’s future is set up for success
  • Helping us all live confidently

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