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My Banker: Inna Walker

Specialty in Service: Nonprofits

Our MyBanker program is designed for customers to enjoy one point of contact, exceptional service, special perks, as well as visionary advice and education. Our team allows community members to draw on expertise of a team of specialists to take both a defensive and offensive approach & enjoy priority service, regardless of wealth or income.

Today we are celebrating Inna Walker

What was your first job?

I taught English first and third graders. I loved the genuine innocence of children and their curiosity to learn.

What is the most important and positive piece of advice you have been given about money?

A friend once told me that it is important to teach children not only to have a piggy bank but to have three piggy banks. All money earned should be divided in three ways: spending piggy bank is one half of the earnings, second piggy bank is for savings and the two thirds of the other half, third piggy bank if for charity donations and for the rest of money.

How do you balance your own personal budget?

I get paid twice a month, I also split my direct deposit in two pieces. My first paycheck goes towards paying my larger bills like my mortgage and car loan, insurance. Second paycheck is spent on utilities and covering routing expenses. Direct deposit that goes into my separate account is for my savings.

What do you love most about being a MyBanker?

I spend time with people and learn what is important to them in life. I help them to achieve their financial goals, plan for life treats and challenges.

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Your brand new MyBankers work to create paths to financial freedom by:

  • Planning realistically based on community need
  • Mapping our journey so we can see every step needed to reach customer and community goals
  • Ensuring that the our customer and community’s future is set up for success
  • Helping us all live confidently

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