Employee Spotlight: Jeremy Bond

MyBanker and VP, Relationship Manager of Capital District

Berkshire Bank
2 min readApr 3, 2020

What does being an Employee Volunteer Council Co-Chair mean to you?

As a company, we are a large group of very motivated colleagues. As a member of the council, I have the opportunity to advocate and drive participation within our company. Whether it’s working on logistics, identifying opportunities, or garnering support, it means a great deal to see our efforts come to fruition.

How do you help determine which projects to select in your region, and what has been one of your favorites?

I try to bring projects and organizations to the group that I’m passionate about. It helps drives energy and participation when there’s a genuine investment. I also really enjoy projects where the impact is something you can see locally. Operation Warm was an amazing experience for that reason. Not only did we come together to distribute tons of winter coats, but a few times since then I’ve seen those coats being worn in the community.

What’s a fun fact about you that your colleagues may or may not know?

Something you may not know about me, is I never thought I’d be a banker. I have always been intensely into biology (entomology, specifically) and always thought I would be a scientist someday. As a kid you’d almost always find me digging around for bugs or anything else that crawled on the ground. This embarrassingly enough earned me the nickname “Bug Boy” until I was easily in my mid-twenties… something the family still enjoys bringing up around friends and colleagues.

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