Doing Our Best: Heidi Higgins

Healthy At Home Office Challenge

Content creation by Alexis Claytor

The Doing Our Best Home Office Challenge was created with the intention of spreading the message of empathy, understanding and community during this COVID-19 global crisis, and providing our team members with a fun outlet to stay connected through these uncertain times.​

This week, we have Heidi Higgins, VP, Marketing Officer.

What does Doing Our Best mean to you during these times?

I do my best by trying to stay positive, keeping informed and getting work done while trying not to go stir crazy.

What’s one thing you’ve enjoyed learning about yourself during these times?

This challenging time really makes you appreciate what you have. I’m truly grateful to have my family and friends to lean on for support, food to put on the table, a job and this time has helped me re-evaluate what’s really important.

What’s most important to you in your current work from home environment and workspace?

Being safe and having the ability to get my work done by having access to what I need.

If you’re working with others (i.e. partners, children/dependents, pets) who are also at home during this time, what’s one funny story that you can recall and share?

My dog is a boxer named Noah. He often snores loudly and his timing is impeccable because it always seems like he does it while I’m facilitating a conference call! I usually have to explain to the group on the call that it’s not me.

What gives you hope or comfort during this time?

Spending time with family, walking the dog, witnessing how generous, caring and resilient people are.

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