Celebrating #XTeamNation

Resources & Applaud for Volunteering in the 21st Century:

Lft: Graphic Designed by #XTeamMarketing: @marktomasi88 & @reginastellab (on instagram) | Rt: Image per @1Berkshire

The first two things we are excited celebrate this month:

  1. In 2020, we are honored to partner with 1Berkshire during National Volunteer Week (4.19–4.25).
Image created by 1Berkshire Staff
  • Wild Apricot recently put out a great publication on how we can continue to celebrate volunteerism during COVID.
  • Read our 2018 CSR Report
  • VolunteerHub & HuffPost have both past reported stats and research supporting why building service & volunteerism into all business platforms creates global impact.

Resources & Readings



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