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Courtney Boland - Berkshire Bank

Why Stonewall?

Courtney Boland, Berkshire Bank Ally

Courtney (L) with her Sister-in-law celebrating PRIDE.

Recently, our Berkshire Bank PRIDE Employee Resource Group shared some great facts about #PRIDE. One of those facts was the reason why it is celebrated in June. …

Ronald Molina-Brantley, Berkshire Bank

Pride Month is not over just yet; it’s just getting going. So we are pleased to be back with you. As you all may know, this week, we raised our PRIDE Banner in Pittsfield, and we also opened our new REevx LAb in Springfield, MA. …

Meet Berkshire Bank Ally Ben Strauss

Good Afternoon; we are back with another interview in our Pride Profiles series at Berkshire Bank. Today, we are joined by Ben Strauss, Senior Vice President, Associate General Counsel. Ben has a different perspective to add to our conversations as an Ally.

Hello Ben,

Chad Stier

Just like how there’s no one right way to be LGBTQIA+, there’s no one right way to celebrate Pride. That’s why we asked LGBTQIA+ folks and allies at Berkshire Bank to share stories of their experiences.

We have asked individuals of many different ages and backgrounds to share…

We have been celebrating and bringing awareness to the role that internal audit plays within any company during May, including Berkshire Bank. …

Erin Lis — Berkshire Bank

Our next volunteer story comes from Erin Lis. Her story began a little more recently in 2012. Joining any organization can be a hard decision, but joining one that asks you to put your life on the line to save others is hard. That is just what Erin did. After…

Gale Audy — Berkshire Bank

Providing nutritious meals to a community is probably not where you would expect a Bank to be associated. But, it is right where you will find Berkshire Bank employee Gale Audy, our Small Business Loan Closer.

She recently spent some time volunteering to put together and distribute over 200 meals…

How does clutter begin? A junk drawer with old batteries, gum, and receipts? A desk full of abandoned paperwork? Pretty soon your dining room is looking like a thrift store with clutter all over the place, and you’re not even counting the garage or the attic!

The problem with clutter…

Michelle (Mickey) Doherty — Berkshire Bank

Ever since Michelle (Mickey) Doherty started working some 33 years ago, she has sought out the opportunity to volunteer. So, naturally, at Berkshire Bank, she was looking for ways to connect with the community and give her time, and Berkshire Bank was happy to help her on her mission.


Berkshire Bank

Berkshire Bank is a socially responsible community-dedicated bank with locations primarily in New England and New York empowering your financial potential.

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